2018 Women In Business

Angie Tejeda

The following is an interview with Angie Tejeda as part of a larger piece published by the Wichita Business Journal about women who lead.

Why did you choose your current profession? I really didn’t, it chose me. This opportunity fell into my lap during a job fair. I honestly tried hiding from the recruiter when I saw financial planning. I must give all the credit to God for getting me in a field where I continually help people on a daily basis and change their financial health and wealth for the better. It’s an empowering feeling to empower others.

What are your professional responsibilities? Managing millions of dollars for my clients and planning people’s retirement incomes.

Who was your most important mentor? My mother, Linda Nicholson, retired CEO of a local credit union.

What is the best advice they gave you? She taught me to be a strong independent woman. Her advice daily was to make sure I got my education and a great job so I would be in a position to NEVER have to rely on a man. Be self sufficient and independent before getting married. BEST ADVICE that was life-changing.

What is your best advice for a woman just beginning her career? Work hard during the day but play harder at night and on the weekends. Women must maintain an incredible balance between career and family. They often times have too many irons in the fire and will burn out eventually. It’s OK to put family first. In this line of work, starting out usually requires more than 60 hours a week. It’s a tough field but get connected and make time to give back.

Are you involved in the community? Raising money for children’s causes is my No. 1 involvement. I am on various committees for Wesley Children’s Foundation. I volunteer at my children’s school and our parish, St. Catherine of Siena. I raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Make a Wish Foundation, and donate to the YMCA strong kids campaign. I am president of a local BNI chapter, Synergy for Success. I spend many hours a week helping small business owners, many of whom are women, become successful.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I enjoy spending quality time with my family. I LOVE drinking wine with my girlfriends. It’s important to take time for yourself too.

What is your greatest professional achievement? I am very proud of winning awards every single year from my broker/dealer, Money Concepts. However, my greatest achievement is when a client tells me that I have changed their life and they will be forever grateful that they met me. That is so heartfelt and always rings in every year as my greatest achievement of the year. I honestly hear that from someone new each and every year.

Hobbies/activities: My family, my friends, drinking wine, gardening and volunteering for children’s causes.

Original article posted by the Wichita Business Journal

The Women in Business Award is given by the Wichita Business Journal. This award will recognize outstanding women in the Wichita area for their career accomplishments and contributions to the success of other women. Recipients are chosen from a panel of judges selected by the WBJ Editor-in Chief. The panel reviews the nominee’s application and selects the recipient. The women in business award seeks professional business women who meet the following criteria; 1. are entrepreneurs, upper level executives or partners in their organizations. 2. Have had their business in operation or been in a similar line of work for at least 3 years. 3. Living and working in the Wichita area and have not previously been honored as part of the Women in Business program. The rating is not indicative of the Financial Advisor’s future performance; and the Financial Advisor has not paid a fee to participate.