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Preparing for Their Future

As a parent, you already know that college tuition costs continue to rise, but you can still prepare with experienced education planning services from Tejeda Financial.

Wondering How to Pay for College?

It’s no secret that college is expensive. We’re often contacted by parents or grandparents who are concerned about how they’ll pay for tuition, especially for multiple children. The truth is, starting early and working with an experienced financial planner like Angie Tejeda can help make higher education costs more manageable.

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Wichita Education Planning

As a personal financial advisor in Wichita, Angie Tejeda, MBA MRFC, can help you develop a smart plan for your child or grandchild’s educational expenses. She’ll guide you in researching costs to determine how much you’ll need to save. Then, she’ll recommend a tax-efficient savings plan to pursue your goal.

Smart Planning for Tuition Costs

Even small savings can add up if done consistently, especially when you start while your child is young. One popular option is a Coverdell Education Savings Account, which offers tax deferrals for both earnings and withdrawals. If you plan to make larger contributions, a 529 savings account allows for tax-free savings.

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Why Work with Tejeda Financial

It takes years to save for higher education expenses. You can count on Angie to be your partner every step of the way. In fact, she has worked with some client families for two or even three generations! Angie works as a consultant, not a dictator: as an independent financial advisor, she’ll recommend the best products for your needs and then you’ll choose the ones that work best for you. Education planning with Tejeda financial is all about you and your goals.

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